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Dear Reader

Dear Reader

It has been a challenge and a pleasure writing in this forum over the past 20 months. Perhaps it has been helpful to you, perhaps it has been entertaining. Some of you report that you have learned things here that you did not find anywhere else.

However, as many of you know, good health is not a certainty and recently the news in my case has become quite challenging. This blog takes considerable time and effort to research and compose. My decision is therefore to stop writing and spend my energy and attention on my own needs and those of my family.  Hopefully, you can understand this decision.

The nearly 200 posts will remain accessible. Many of them remain relevant to the extraordinary times we live in. Thank you for your readership. May you have great success in your investing.



Looking a Little Toppy?

The major stock indices were decidedly weaker today and the usual attempts to “buy the dip” for once fell flat. About an hour into the day the S&P had lost about 0.75%, the Dow was down 0.5% while the Nasdaq led the charge lower with a loss of 1.25%. But unlike so many other days, the indices fell further and closed on their lows with the S&P losing 1.45%, Dow down 0.91% and the Nasdaq down 2.13%.

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